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MyBizConnect provides its customers a 24 x 7 help desk support with effective delivery of services. The infrastructure backbone is built on high-speed, redundant, reliable voice and data networks that ride on best-in-class technologies. 24/7's highly skilled technology support teams ensure that the infrastructure is available round the clock.

MyBizConnect can support diverse operations and can be scaled up quickly to meet customer's increasing business needs. 24/7 leverages strong relationships with leading technology vendors to access and acquire the latest technologies.

Our Infrastructure includes:

  • State-of-the-art computerization with fully automated call desks
  • Uninterrupted and back up power supply
  • Fully redundant voice and data communications with security
  • Dedicated high speed internet connectivity
  • Scalable capacity
  • Less than 400 milliseconds latency
  • Duplicated system to ensure uninterrupted call reception and uninterrupted internet connectivity

Data Security

  • Manned and logical data security at entrances
  • Layered access to physical locations and data
  • Commercial grade firewall
  • Network intruder detection system for extra data security
  • Layer 4 switching with advanced router module for intelligent data routing, monitoring and security

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