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Better Business Conversations

Turning a cold call into a tangible business result requires an informed individual at both ends of the line. With average response rates of less than 1%, the traditional print and email marketing mix is hit-and-miss - but it can be optimized with activities that engage your customers in actionable conversations.

MyBizConnects Better Business Programs reach your entire customer or member base with conversations that identify who your customers are, what they need, match your offering to their needs, set appointments and close sales. Our approach shortens the path to high-volume B2B sales transactions and builds a platform of intelligence and insight that produces greater returns each time.

Working with MyBizConnects, you can:

  • Supplement your sales and direct marketing capacity to reach all of your targets in a frequent and timely manner.
  • Dramatically lift the return on investment of your current marketing programs and raise the bar for return-on-marketing-investment in the future.
  • Evolve your direct marketing strategy from a cold-calling approach to a business conversations philosophy.
  • Build an increasingly more effective sales and marketing discipline based on greater intelligence and insight each time you go to market.

Appointment Setting

Most organizations' sales pipelines are clogged with aging, unqualified leads. They skew your forecasts, drain your sales capacity and damage confidence in your marketing efforts. In most organizations, the typical "lead" that is passed from marketing to sales isn't warm enough for the sales team to follow through on. To optimize your sales team's capacity, you need to deliver well qualified sales opportunities with prospects that are ready to engage.

Our appointment-setting programs do just that. We prospect, qualify, and set appointments that your sales people can take immediate action on - with prospects that have budget, authority, need, timeframe, and the desire to engage. By creating desire within the lead pipeline, we are able to position your sales people as consultative professionals fully equipped to handle the customer's business challenge. This results in higher grade opportunities for your sales organization to close.

When you choose MyBizConnects to set appointments for your sales team, you can expect to:

  • Maximize your sales teams effectiveness by giving them truly qualified leads to call on
  • Close more deals, faster
  • Increase average revenue-per-sale
  • Decrease average cost-per-lead over traditional marketing approaches
  • When your sales people need well qualified sales appointments vs. leads, we're the right call.

Closing Sales

When growing your business depends on selling your product or service with just one conversation, it's critical to reach your entire market, at the right time, with the right calls.

If you have a highly transactional sales environment, we can help you grow by expanding your sales capacity and extending your selling capabilities. When you choose MyBizConnects to close your sales, you can:

  • Expand sales into new territories
  • Specialize your sales teams
  • Support new product releases
  • Increase topline and bottom-line revenues

We professionally tailor sales conversation programs that drive results for your pipeline. Our expertly trained staff handles buying objections and presents your products or services with an effective combination of intelligence and selling savvy.

When you need to sell during one conversation, we're the right call.

Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling programs require insight to contact the right customers with the right offer, and with sufficient capacity to make timely calls.

Our up-selling and cross-selling programs help organizations expand their sales capacity and extend their selling capabilities. When you choose MyBizConnects to up-sell and cross-sell for you, you can expect to:

  • Increase revenues from your existing customer base
  • Support new product releases
  • Improve your pipeline data quality and customer intelligence

We professionally tailor sales conversation programs to optimize spend and loyalty within your customer base.

Our expertly trained staff gets quickly up to speed on your product line and the customer's existing investments, handle buying objections, and present your products or services with an effective combination of intelligence and selling savvy.

Attendee Recruitment

On its own, traditional email-and-print marketing is rarely able to generate a sufficient cost-to-qualified attendee ratio to warrant the overall investment. With an average of only half of all registrants actually attending the event, you need a high-value approach to effectively recruit more qualified attendees.

Our attendee recruitment programs have proven effective at maximizing the sales value of events. When you choose MyBizConnects to recruit attendees for your events, you can expect to:

  • Increase event registrations
  • Improve event attendance
  • Attract highly qualified participants
  • Decrease the cost-to-qualified attendee ratio

Our well-timed, professionally executed business conversations can significantly increase the reach of your message and the perceived value of your event.

When a professional business conversation can help drive recruitment results, we're the right call.

Member Recruitment

In today's information era, members expect high-touch, high-value relationships with their Associations. On its own, the traditional mix of email, web portals, and print mailing is rarely sufficient to recruit and nurture members.

Our member recruitment programs have proven to be effective in proactively recruiting and maintaining memberships and donations. When you choose MyBizConnects to recruit more members for your association, this will help you:

  • Increase the average value of donations
  • Increase annual renewals
  • Obtain more new memberships

Our conversation programs more effectively communicate the values, passion, and benefits of membership in associations and political parties than direct mail and email alone. With well-timed, professionally executed business conversations, our staff can significantly improve the return-on-investment of your member recruitment efforts.

When direct human contact can improve your relationship with members, we're the right call.

Win-Back Programs

Winning back a valued customer can be very challenging and yet it often makes economic sense. Resources, creative incentives, and tenacity must be mobilized to revive dormant customers and win back lost ones to prevent downstream negativity and future opportunities with connected individuals.

Our outbound customer win-back programs are effective because we use a consultative laser-focused approach to convey effective messages about your product or service to the right people at the right time. When you choose MyBizConnects to conduct your customer win-back program, you can expect to:

  • Protect your brand
  • Reduce customer base erosion
  • Capture lost revenue
  • Focus your sales people on closing new business

We professionally tailor win-back conversation programs to change perceptions, re-establish relationships, and rebuild trust in your brand.

When direct human contact is required to rekindle a past customer's interest, we're the right call.

Market Intelligence

Insightful, actionable market and customer intelligence is your most powerful tool for improving returns on sales and marketing investments. With useful insight into your prospect and customer base you can develop targeted programs that yield higher returns each time.

Our market intelligence programs provide the critical knowledge that you need to make informed decisions about potential market size, territorial distribution, opportunity prevalence and more. When you choose an MyBizConnects market intelligence program, you can expect to:

  • Turn raw, suspect, or guesswork market information into solid customer intelligence
  • Identify real market opportunities
  • Help you focus your marketing budget on high-yield activities
  • Increase sales and conversion rates
  • When you need effective market intelligence, we're the right call.

Lead Nurturing

Quarterly pressures force sales people to focus on leads that will close in the next 90 days. As a result, long term sales opportunities are often ignored and business can be lost to a competitor.

Our lead nurturing programs ensure that no potential opportunity goes under-serviced. We improve your sales forecasting with greater visibility into the entire pipeline and help push leads further down the sales funnel. When you choose MyBizConnects to nurture leads for your sales team, this will help you:

  • Spend more time closing sales
  • Work with a pipeline of sales-ready opportunities
  • Know each lead's identified pain, need, and budget
  • Ensure good prospects with uncertain future decision timeframe's are not neglected
  • When you have long-term sales opportunities that are worth nurturing, we're the right call.

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