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Superior Results

Superior Results - My Biz Connects

The MyBizConnects Difference

MyBizConnects increases sales volumes through high quality business conversations - we communicate with the right people, at the right time, at a lower cost than you can do it yourself.

A conversation is the foundation through which people build trust, exchange ideas and ultimately look for ways to do business together. It makes sense that better and more frequent business conversations lead to action and profitable relationships. MyBizConnects is dedicated to executing high quality outsourced Business Conversation Programs on behalf of larger Technology, Energy, Media, Finance and Government clients.

In today's crowded and noisy marketplace, meaningful, two-way, sales conversations take place far less frequently than required. MyBizConnects knows the answer. Rather than bombarding people, our approach significantly refines the way that our clients can connect with their customers and prospects.

Our success is based on three sides of the Better Conversation Triangle:

Sales and Marketing Expertise
We have executed many hours of business conversations through many different programs for clients. We work with seasoned sales and marketing executives utilizing state of the art sales methodologies, systems and processes. We've replaced ineffective scripting with a sophisticated and flexible structure that promotes true dialogue while establishing consistency in business conversations.
Our Philosophy
Our leading-edge Team Support Model creates a mature cultural dynamic that attracts and maintains a dedicated, innovative, and highly effective team.
CRM Technology
We have implemented and integrated with multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Our implementation success rate is more than twice the industry average. We work closely with our clients to synchronize conversation program data with existing CRM systems. We deliver actionable business data that our clients need to make better business decisions.

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